The End… Is Approaching

The school year is coming to a end, and so is our newspaper. It was an awesome year for me. I learned so much with an amazing school. Here are a few things I would like to say about my amazing experience:

To all the people who have viewed our newspaper, I want to thank them. It felt really good to have my work on a website.

It was a great experience, for me learning about wordpress and learning about the computer.

Most of all it provided a good experience for me, when I move on to middle school.

Thank you all so nuch


                                                                                                                                                                                       Sidhu A.
Leadership Editor


Good Bye

I know it is sad, but our school year is coming to an end. So is the Land O’ Pines newspaper. Thank you for visiting our newspaper and submitting articles. It was a great experience. Be sure to check back next school year to see the new newspaper.

Good Bye!

By: Tori

Leadership Facts

Here are three great facts to remember when you are being a leader.

  1. Leadership is learned. You can’t be born a leader, you have to become a leader.
  2. Leadership is all about the people who you lead. The whole point of leadership is to to take charge in a group of people.
  3. Good leaders must be learning at all times. Leaders should learn from failures and other people, places or things.

If you can understand and follow out these facts, you wil be a great leader.

By: Sidhu

Leadership Week Update

This week, we got a submission from a member of student council. Here is some information about Leadership Week.

Monday, June 4th is “Be Proactive”- Wear your favorite “Pro” jersey to school.

Tuesday, June 5th- “Begin With the End in Mind” Each class will fill out a daily goal sheet and hang it outside their door. The class will then re-visit their goals at the end of  the day and the student council will read some selected goals that were achieved on afternoon announcements.

Wednesday, June 6th- “Put First Things First” one period of school will be dedicated to classroom cleanup to show that “we do things we should do before the things we want to do.

Thursday, June 7th- “Think win-win- Classes will play the island game that they play in gym.

Friday, June 8th- “Seek First to Understand, Then to Be Understood- Play a game of charades about feelings in homeroom.

Monday, June 11- “Synergize” Door Decorating contest- students will “work together and synergize” to decorate the classroom door (but not the windows) with The 7 Habits of Happy Kids artifacts. The student council will give out certificates to the classes who participated in this contest.

Tuesday, June 12th- “Sharpen the Saw” The Student Council will hold two “workouts” (in the morning and in the afternoon) to illustrate the skill of eating healthy, exercising and staying in shape. Teachers can voluntarily sign up and bring their class outside to participate

I would like to give a special thanks to the Samantha G. the student council representative who submitted the information for me to write this article .

Article Typed By: Tori

Information Submitted By: Samantha G. of 4D.


Here are some definitions of Leadership from

the position or function of a leader,  a person who guides or directs a group

ability to lead

an act or instance of leading; guidance; direction

the leaders  of a group

Below is some information about leadership, that I found at


You must have an honest understanding of who you are, what you know, and what you can do. Also, note that it is the followers, not the leader or someone else who determines if the leader is successful. If they do not trust or lack confidence in their leader, then they will be uninspired. To be successful you have to convince your followers, not yourself or your superiors, that you are worthy of being followed.


Different people require different styles of leadership. For example, a new hire requires more supervision than an experienced employee. A person who lacks motivation requires a different approach than one with a high degree of motivation. You must know your people! The fundamental starting point is having a good understanding of human nature, such as needs, emotions, and motivation. You must come to know your employees’ be, know, and do attributes.

Below this you can find information about how to be a leader but not come across as being mean  or bossy.

   When you are a leader, you set a trend, be a role model, set the example, or do the right thing. However, you do not tell someone what they can or cannot do. Some times, you may not know it, but some times you may offend somebody when you are just trying to help them. For example, if somebody didn’t do their homework, and you came up to them, and started saying how they should always do their homework and that they should put first things first when it comes to homework. This, might make it seem like you were trying to tell them what to do when you were just trying to help them in the future.  Instead of  doing this, you could approach them nicely, and ask them if they need help finding away to do their homework and still do what ever else they have to do.


The Leadership Quiz

Have you ever wondered what your leadership style is?

For what kind of task should you be a leader for?

For this leadership quiz, there is three types of leadership.

Authoritarian-  Authoritan leaders know what has to be done. They expect each and every person to do his or her own part. In this part, the whole group makes important decisions.

Participative-  This is probably the most effictive leadership style.  These leaders offer guidance to workers, but they also participate in the work. These kinds of leaders encourage people to participate and they make each group member feel important.

Delegative- This type of leadership is the least effective and least productive of the three groups. Kids in this group show little cooperation.Delegative leaders offer no help to their workers and they leave all the important decisions to the group.

Visit this website to take the leadership style quiz.

Have Fun!!

By: Sidhu

Leadership Week

All year we have been studying or rather learning about the 7 habits. We have done bulletin boards, read the stories, done projects, sung songs and did many other things to help learn about the 7 habits. You may have been asking yourself, we just spent a year learning about the 7 habits, is everything about them just going to stop and end? If you have been asking yourself this, or it has just occurred to you now that I mentioned it I am ready to answer your question.

I do not know what the exact date is, but one week in June, the student council will be hosting a 7 habits week. Apparently, each day of that week will be a different habit. That could mean a different activity that has to do it, but I don’t know for sure at the moment. Each day there will be a different theme. For example,hats on, wear a sports jersey, or something like that. I do not have any other information about this but if I do, I will give you an update. I hope this information was useful to you, and I hope when leadership week comes you will enjoy!

By: Tori

State Governors

To me, State Governors are an important part of our community. They are our role models and our leaders. Here is a bit more about these fascinating people.

What a Governor Does:

A governor might sign bills into law, serve as commander-in-chief of the state’s National Guard and militia forces,calling people for a meeting about special sessions of the state legislature, delivering a “state of the state” address to citizens, granting commutations and pardons to prisoners and appointing people to various judicial and state offices. They can also veto bills and they are in charge of making their state better.

Governor Elections:

Voters register for one party and then vote on who they think will be the best governor  from their branch. The more popular governors are governors that have had preiore political experience. The governors can make speeches around their state, but it usually costs tons of money.

A Governor’s Office

A good governor must have a staff of interns, attorneys, analysts, finance experts and other people who specialize in a specific area. Without a good office, the governor can not get the job done.

By: Sidhu

Birthdays in September

Here are leaders’ birthdays in September.

Roald Dahl September 13- An amazing author who wrote Matilda, and George’s Marvelous Medicine. This is an author you must read.

 Milton Hershey September 13- Have you ever wondered who started the Hershey Chocolate Factory? Well here is your answer… Milton Hershey. The creator and funder of Hershey’s Chocolate one of the most if not the most popular chocolate ever!!

Dr.Phil McGraw September 1– The talk show host

Horace Silver September 2– The famous musician

Shaun White September 3– The famous olympic snowboarder

Beyonce September 4–  A well known singer

Grandma Moses September 7– a folk artist who lived to 101 years old

Queen Elezabeth 1 of England–  A well-known former queen

Joseph P. Kennedy September 6– Father of former President John F. Kennedy

By: Sidhu and Tori

Being a School Governor

Have you ever heard of a school governor? Well a school governor’s job is to meet regularly and work with teachers and staff to decide the school’s aims and policies.

A good school governor should:

  • raise questions and take part in discussion and decision-making
  • be open minded and fair
  • be a source of ideas and a good communicator
  • be enthusiastic about the work of the school
  • be prepared to work as part of a team.
  • Being a school governor is a good way to give back to your community. *
By: Sidhu
* Make sure to ask your school’s principal about being a school governor, since some schools may not have one.